‘Witchfairy’ by Brigitte Minne & Carll Cneut


Brigitte Minne is not afraid to tackle some difficult issues in ‘Witchfairy’ such as following your heart, no matter who may disagree. Rosemary is a fairy and fairies are sweet and neat and…….DULL! What she really wants is to be a witch. Witches can shout and get dirty and rollerskate! But Rosemary’s Mum is horrified, she doesn’t want a smelly witch for a daughter. So the independently minded little fairy heads off to the Witches Wood all by herself. Her Mum follows expecting to find Rosemary scared and alone. But she couldn’t be more wrong! Rosemary loves the Witches Wood. She has learned to ride a broom, build a treehouse and sail a boat. Even her Mum has to admit that the witches are lots of fun. Finally Rosemary decides that sometimes she wants to be a witch and sometimes she wants to be a fairy. So she’ll be a Witchfairy!

The illustrations are very special. Little faces full of character and Carll Cneut’s technique creates an evocative new world within the book of witches and fairies.

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Independently minded Little P really enjoys this book. Especially all the fun in the Witches Wood and  Rosemary’s absolute determination to do her own thing. It’s a wonderful message and not just for children!


Little P does ask for this one to be read over again but not as often as others. She does enjoy poring over the illustrations though. I suspect when she’s a bit older she’ll appreciate the story even more. It scores a SEVEN out of TEN on the P-OMETER.

Witchfairy written by Brigitte Minne and illustrated by Carll Cneut is published by Book Island. ISBN: 978-1-911496-07-6

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