Lots of Frogs written by Howard Calvert and illustrated by Claudia Boldt

Frogs are the creature du jour in our house at the moment. Mostly because they can jump, make funny noises and they start life as squishy looking frog spawn! Anyway it was inevitable that Little P would make a grab for Lots of Frogs when she saw it in the library. And it didn’t disappoint.

The story of Tom and his box of frogs is told in short and snappy rhyme and it’s a lot of fun to read aloud. Tom brings his frogs to school all safely tucked away inside their box. Unfortunately Tom sneezes and releases the entire box of frogs to create mayhem. They leap around the classrooms landing on desks and jumping on teacher’s heads much to the amusement of Tom’s classmates. Luckily a bright yellow space hopper and a net prove to be very effective frog catching devices. Eventually Tom manages to get all the frogs back into the box. Until he…………coughs!!

This story is crazily chaotic and the illustrations reflect it perfectly. They are bold and bright with lots of movement, pen lines and brush strokes. Each frog has it’s own unique personality created by Claudia Boldt using googly eyes and giant smiles.

Little P loves the madcap antics of the scampy frogs and the fact that the whole adventure starts all over again at the end of the book makes her laugh every time! This scores a seven out of ten on the P-OMETER.

Lots of Frogs written by Howard Calvert and illustrated by Claudia Boldt is published by Hodder Children’s Books. ISBN: 978-1-444-93964-4

Author: wildatlanticmum

West coast of Ireland is my new home. Mum to a very bossy toddler. Sea swimmer, nature lover, part-time doodler & social media novice.

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