Is New Year’s Eve the New Christmas?

The final day of 2018 was pretty perfect. A morning swim, an afternoon stroll and a child friendly firework display. The Christmas lights were sparkling and that special holiday feeling was still in the air. It was relaxed, stress-free and very enjoyable. In a way it was more enjoyable than Christmas Day. There was no pressure, no expectation and we didn’t need to spend lots of money.

There are many reasons why New Year is a more obvious celebration for a non-religious person like me. Christmas is hugely significant for christians but for everyone else it’s really become a celebration of consumerism (and too much food!). But New Year is for everyone. Muslim or jew, christian or atheist once the clock strikes midnight on December 31st the new year begins for us all. It’s a purely secular celebration and a truly egalitarian one. The earth’s journey around the sun affects us all in the same way young and old, rich and poor. As the old saying goes; “Time waits for no man”. New Year celebrations are about time, seasons and nature. Tangible things and earthly things.

Things that are essential for all of us. Things that can’t be bought in shops. That’s why New Year feels like the real event to me. A celebration not just for the humanists, the atheists, the environmentalists and the non religious, but for everyone. The earth rotated around the sun one more time and we’re still on it. Now that’s a reason to be joyful!